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Mar/Apr 2022 issue
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The Office in all its mundane glory 90s - 00s
by Steven Ahlgren
As many of us question the necessity of working from an office, this photographic series – taken in the days before wifi and iPhones – is a poignant reminder of how things once were. Teetering stacks of paper, off-kilter filing cabinets, gum-white computer monitors and the cold glow of the Xerox machine; what were once essential tools now stand as whimsical relics to a former life. The office holds bittersweet memories of kitchen small talk, cheap coffee, awkward Christmas parties and promotions won or lost. Capturing this corporate world with a tender yet satirical eye, American photographer Steven Ahlgren’s nostalgic series will resonate with anyone who has ever loved, hated or simply endured office life
Accounting firm
Commercial bank
Commercial bank Balloons
Commercial Bank - Photocopier
Government office
Insurance company
Insurance office
Hallway, law form
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