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. Cambodia The Beauty and the Beast By Damian Bird Thai Kick Boxing Photo by Damian Bird Thai kick boxing photo by Damian Bird If you’ve never seen a 125cc motorbike taking 18 people to work before then you have now! The driver explained that the bike uses much less fuel when the bus/trailor is empty. Power shower. Good fruit salesperson.  Phnom Penh. Chickens sell better if you sleep over them. Watches don’t sell them selves.  Phnom Penh. Buddhist monk on his way to the temple. Washing. Cow wash. Hygenic shaving is very popular in Cambodia and the monks live by the motto, “I’ll shave your head if you shave mine.” Cold shower time. Hair dressing salon. Phnom Penh. Pride. Cow pasture. I was verbally abused whilst I was taking these kick boxing pictures. The aggression was contagious. . Traditions and rituals surrounding kick boxing in Cambodia. A boy preparing to fight in front of a very large crowd of excited fight fans.  The scene reminded me of cock-fighting in Cuba. A baby orphaned by AIDS which killed both of her parents. Selling fish does not have to be stressful. A hammock is the answer. Cambodia’s killing fields where no-one, not even children were excluded from the genocide. Victims of the Pol Pot regime in his aptly named “killing fields.” Pol Pot designed many many ways to torture, mame and kill. See billboard in one of the dungeons used for this purpose. Skulls of victims of “the killing fields.” The family car. House on stilts. Happiness. Marriage. These Cambodian youths caught one of their friends whilst fishing. The boy was unharmed. Cambodian monks in Phnom Penh on their way to give a lecture on sex education to prevent the spead of HIV/AIDS. In Cambodian gun clubs one is presented with a ‘gun menu’ and asked to choose one’s weapons of choice. At this club I was offered the opportunity to shoot a cow with a bazooka/rocket propelled granade, which I declined.