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The magazine of the art-form of the photo-essay “A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film & documentary maker
April 2014 issue
Streets around the World
by Thomas Leuthard
Street photography is a wide expression with a lot of flavours.  I have spent the last few years travelling to many different cities, always looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary in the lives of people on the street.
Beirut, Lebanon, 2010 - This was my first real trip outside of Europe with my camera. It was the beginning of a lot of traveling and meeting a lot of other photographers.
Berlin, Germany, 2013 - Some years ago I met a friend in Berlin and went back to the capital of Germany many times. It was always interesting to shoot this city at different times and during different seasons. Berlin is always worth a trip.
Bucharest, Romania, 2013 - One of my favourite shots was taken on a rainy day in Bucharest. It shows the tristesse of this city.
Budapest, Hungary, 2013 - More than 20 years ago, I visited Budapest several times . When I returned recently with my camera, there were some familiar places, but also a lot of new things to discover.
Hamburg, Germany, 2011 - Sometimes there is more action behind you than in front of you.  You always have to keep your wits about you in order to capture the real action.
Havana, Cuba, 2013 - I was not expecting a person to be jumping that close, but when it happens you have to be prepared. It turned out that I expected the unexpected, which is essential on the streets.
Istanbul, Turkey, 2013 - This city has so many interesting things to show, you will always come home with some keepers.
Lausanne, Switzerland, 2013 - You don’t have to board a plane to find interesting subjects. Often the places close to home can provide just as many as cities far away.
Lisboa, Portugal, 2013 - Lisboa is the Mecca of street photography and there are many local photographers who perform it. It was not difficult to meet up with some of them, walking the streets with like-minded people.
London, United Kingdom, 2013 - London is huge, versatile and not always as correct as might be expected. If you ever have the chance to visit London, don’t miss a walk with your camera through its different areas. It’s a gold mine for street photographers.
Marrakesh, Morocco, 2013 - The people in Marrakesh are very shy in front of the camera and it seems this is culturally based. It was very hard to get close shots; many of my Marrakesh shots are at a bit of a distance.
Mumbai, India, 2012 - I love train stations and I love trains. In Mumbai riding a local train is one of the main attractions. People are open minded and very curious.
New York, USA, 2013 - It was not bigger than ever, it was like before. When you are in NYC for the first time, you are overwhelmed. When you are there the third time, you get used to this city. If you have never been there, you have to go, but only once.
Stockholm, Sweden, 2013 - Keep your eyes open, when you cross the streets. There might be a guy looking like he’s dropped out of space in a suit.  And since he has to wait on the red light, you can approach him and shoot his portrait. It’s all about timing and courage.
Tel Aviv, Israel, 2013 - No matter how hard life is, don’t forget to dream. Forget everything, your eyes are far away from where you physically are. I had to catch that look through the glass.  I can stare at this shot for a very long time.
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