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April 2017 back issue
Our Game
by Arno Gasteiger
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This book celebrates the grassroots of New Zealand’s national sport – rugby played by weekend warriors and embryonic All Blacks, far from the steely glare of stadium lights. It takes place in snow and mud in the south, on sun parched plains in the north, on provincial fields, in back paddocks, back lawns and on beaches. This is the origin of the sport in New Zealand and its greatest legacy. New Zealand’s national rugby team, the All Blacks, are current world champions. This reflects the dedication and enthusiasm by the people of New Zealand for this sport. As much as it is a sport of the people, rugby is a sport of the landscape. Our Game is about the people and the land.
Youths from Tuvalu playing rugby on the beach, Auckland, 2010.
Boy kicking rugby ball on the beach, West coast, Auckland, 2010.
Goal kicking practice, Central Otago, 2010.
Practice on home made scrum machine, Dunedin, 1996.
Supporters of Southland Stags team, Invercargill, 2010.
Club rugby game under "heavy" conditions, Auckland, 1996.
Spectators watching the All Blacks, New Zealand's national team, playing against South Africa, Auckland, 1995.
The winning team performing a haka (Maori war dance) after the game, Auckland, 1996.
Cleaning the gym at International Rugby Academy, Rotorua, 2011.
Marching girls welcoming players in provincial game, Thames, 1996.
Provincial rugby game in the rain, Auckland, 2010.
Grandstand on the tray of a truck, Arrowtown, 2010.
Injured Golden Oldie player, Christchurch, 1996.
Injured player, Arrowtown, 2010.
The referee is dragged through the mud after a Golden Oldies game, Christchurch, 1996.
Post match celebrations by East Coast rugby team, Tokumaru Bay, 2010.
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