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April 2017 back issue
Summer Days Staten Island
by Christine Osinski
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film & documentary maker
Christine Osinski moved to the ‘forgotten borough’ of Staten Island in the early 1980s.  During the summers of 1983-1984 she wandered the streets with a 4x5 camera out of a desire to explore her new home. Throughout her long walks across Staten Island, Osinski recorded strangers she met and a residential, working class utopia tucked within an urban outpost of forests and trees. “Along with carrying the weight of the camera and equipment, I was also carrying the weight of my own personal history and bringing my working class roots to the pictures as well”, said Osinski.   The negatives sat for thirty years until 2016 when Summer Days Staten Island was published by Damiani Editore.  Osinski stated, “It took me a long time  to shape this work into something I felt was worthy of its content.” 
Woman Cutting Grass.
Boy Pointing Rifle at Car.
Young Man Pulling a Go-Kart.
Girl Looking Sideways.
Two Boys with Automobile.
Jumping Dog.
Kids on Car.
House For Sale.
At the Corner of Muller and Watchogue.
Spiral Bushes at No. 98.
Man with Oil Can.
Woman with Bird on a Bench.
Friends at the Beach.
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