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Aug 2014 back issue
AfrikaBurn Festival
by Damien Schumann
Each year a select group of 30 people move to the Tankwa Karoo for six weeks to erect the temporary town that hosts the AfrikaBurn festival.  There is no sign of civilization when they arrive and none when they leave.  For those who have tried this, no explanation is necessary, for those that haven’t, none is possible.
The San Clan tests its lights for the first time.
A heavy storm hits threatening to flood the campsite. The crew dig canals to redirect the water and save their sleeping quarters.
Daniella and Stacey at Reflections.
The sound and lighting of Reflections is tested for the first time.
The crew plays hackisack after a long day. Work hours are from sunrise to sunset.
Old planks are sanded and prepared for use to make additional toilets and support structures.
Moonfall over the San Clan.
DPW crew set out for their first day of toilet duty at AfrikaBurn. For the next week their primary duty is the maintenance of 120 longdrops.
Performance on the second night of AfrikaBurn.
The DPW crew celebrate after their parade around the Binnekring.
Lizzie, the kinetic tyrannosaurus rex visits Afrika Burn for the second time. From here she travelled to Burning Man in the USA to be the first kinetic sculpture to burn at the original gathering.
Sunset over the Binnekring.
The DPW crew, the creators of the Wattle Tower, and a few of the last Burners gather under the Wattle Tower on the last night of Afrika Burn, for a bonfire and spontaneous music and performance.
A sculpture of the African continent which never got burnt, retires to the Stone Henge campsite until next year
Duncan at Stone Henge campsite, after having his first shower in weeks.
The DPW Burn. Once the 8 500 attendees of AfrikaBurn have left, the crew have their own celebration.
Packing up and going home.
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