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Aug 2016 back issue
by Stefan Boness
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Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, has one of the most extensive surviving ensembles of modernist architecture in the world. To this day, the influence of the former colonial power of Italy from the early 20th century remains visible. Many of the buildings, erected in the futuristic, expressionist, cubist or rationalistic style have been preserved and dominate the cityscape of Asmara. UNESCO is considering making the city a World Heritage Site in recognition of its outstanding modernist architecture. The impressive photographs by Stefan Boness convey the unique atmosphere of Asmara as a living museum of modernity.
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Villa Gracia.
Cinema Impero.
Cinema Roma.
Apartment house Falletta Building.
Futuristic Apartment Building.
Fiat Tagliero Service Station.
Futuristic tower of the old stadium.
Remains of an old factory.
Villa influenced by Italian avant-garde architecture.
Street scene at the Ministry of Education building.
Street scene with mosaic Asmara Porcellane Mosaici.
Alfa Romeo building.
Alfa Romeo building.
Apartment house Falletta Building.
Cinema Roma.
Staircase of an apartment house.
Swimming pool.
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