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Aug 2016 back issue
Perspective is Everything
by Keoki Flagg
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My art has been and always will be an adventure in creative exploration, a journey fueled by an almost instinctive need to immerse myself in moments, to play, to test and explore emotion, ever striving to translate why an instant feels so special, and then to find a way to share that magic with others.  Testing boundaries with some of the world’s top athletes as they define what can and cannot be done in the extremes of a Mountain always stretches my limits.  As my awareness and skill set develop, how to keep up, function and survive, I become more and more aware that it’s always about taking baby steps, falling down, getting up, learning, and most of all, bonding by collective possibility.  Again, this is not merely the nature of adventure and sport, but of art and life. 
Each new experience has led to the next and, with it, the definition of impossibility evolved. It’s a path that has led me further and further away to the far reaches of the globe. As each new boundary evaporates, it becomes clear that the physical journey is purely a gateway to the bigger, abstract realm of the mind and the evolving power of the human spirit and what it can overcome and achieve. Every day I’m surrounded by opportunities to exercise this perspective, to have deeply felt experiences and to share the basic commonalities  that embody the human spirit and my creative endeavor to define it. It isn’t just documenting athletes performing miraculous feats at the outer edge of the zone. It’s overcoming boundaries and exploring life at the edge that makes my work alive and relevant.
The Edge - 2002, Chugach Mountains, Cordova, Alaska.
Lone Paddler In Snowstorm - 2001, Truckee River, Alpine Meadows, California.
Total Commitment - 2006, East Shore, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.
Lone Skier On Glacier - 1996, La Grave, France.
Powder Turn Evolution - 2002, Chugach Mountains, Cordova, Alaska.
Tahoe Drama - 2009, Beaver Bowl, Alpine Meadows, California.
Arctic Dream - 2011, Saint John's Fjord, Svalbard Archipelago, Norway.
Antarctic Reality - 2009 Le Mar Channel, Antarctic Peninsula.
Timeless PUSH - 2012, Antarctic Plateau.
The Unknown - 2009, Antarctic Peninsula.
Dry Tooling - 1999, ORCA Cannery, Cordova, Alaska.
Rippey’s Backflip - 2001, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.
Kitter On The Sphinx - 1999, Chugach Mountains, Cordova, Alaska.
Holden’s Line - 1999, Chugach Mountains, Cordova, Alaska.
Crevasse - 2000, Sheridan Glacier, Copper River Delta, Alaska.
Point Release - 2002, Chugach Mountains, Cordova, Alaska.
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