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Dec 2014 back issue
A Day in the Life of a Stripper Budapest
by Daniele Zeri
Budapest is undeniably one of Europe’s nightlife capitals; its attractions include some of the most visited strip clubs by foreign visitors, attracted by the best looking women in Europe. Angie lives in the outskirts of Budapest. She is a young, regular girl with regular interests and a regular life, who has been working for the past eight years as a stripper.  A day in the life of a stripper is an intimate and natural look into Angie's everyday; she likes to cook, visits her mother and her dog, goes to the city centre and then prepares for work that helps her pay the bills, just like any of us. We follow her through her personal routines, looking into delicate glimpses of spontaneous normality: the kind of normality that makes the situations so strikingly relatable to anyone, thus de-objectifying the image we create of her job.
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Angie's day starts at around midday, when she wakes up after finishing her work shift at 4 am. The light is already shining through the windows as she starts checking her iPhone.
She lives in a cozy attic at about 20 minutes drive from the city centre. It is nicely furnished and its wooden paneling makes it even more welcoming.
Angie loves cooking, and her creations look very good indeed.
Her morning routines include cooking, ironing, cleaning. Something we all know too well.
Angie brushes her hair.
She has a cool relationship with her mother; they talk as they share a cigarette, and the cute little dog goes mad, running around, desperately seeking attention.
The private area is a dark corridor where customers get their private shows behind red curtains.
 Angie is the only pole dancer at the club.
The club has stripping all night, private lap dances, table dances and shows on the weekends.
 It's around 3am and Angie heads back to the dressing room.
More daily activities include some time at the gym, sunbed to the local solarium and maybe some bike riding. To look great is sure part of the job.
The little town grocery store, where she buys some food.
Angie walks in the streets of Budapest with her pink makeup bag.
4Play Lounge is a small club from the outside, but pretty big inside. It's a very friendly environment.
Angie leads me downstairs into the girls' dressing room, where she changes for work.
Angie sits at the bar.
I don't understand much about pole dancing techniques, but she's quite of a perfectionist. She talked to me about correct technical positions.
"I am not a body with a soul. I am a soul that has a visible part called the body" - wrote Coelho.
Pictures of her youth and promotional material from her club on a shelf in Angie's house.
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