FEBRUARY 2013 BACK ISSUE by Dorin Goian
Emigration is a phenomenon in Moldova which has a major impact on the country's demographics and economy. It is estimated that 600,000 to one million Moldovan citizens (almost 25% of the population) left the country to work abroad, leaving behind children and elder people to cope with the uneasy daily life. Children at an old farm gate decorated with soviet stars in Ulmu, Moldova 2011. A boy and a man carrying water from a well, Moldova 2010. Anatoliy, a homeless man on the streets of Chisinau, Moldova 2005. People emerging from an underground passage in the center of Chisinau, Moldova 2012. Portrait of a man, Moldova 2012. Villagers on the street of Trebujeni fetching water, Moldova 2005. A fisherman near Trebujeni village, Moldova 2006. A girl playing with an orange at the Ocolina cemetery during Pastele Blajinilor, Moldova 1996. Abandoned boat, Moldova 2005. An old man in his house.  All his family members are abroad and rarely come to visit him.  He has to cope with daily life difficulties on his own or with the help of neighbouring villagers, Moldova 2011. Soviet barbed wire soon to be removed on the border between Moldova and Romania, Cotul Morii 2010. Man and woman on the motorcycle driving from the mill. Moldova 2010. Boy practising on accordion, Moldova 2005. Schinoasa village, Moldova 2011. Morovaya village, Moldova 2005. Back to current issue