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Feb 2016 back issue
by Monidipta Saha
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This is a documentary about the people living in a normally non-flooded area of the state of West Bengal, India after a devastating flood which occured after the release of excess water from a nearby dam. The problem was exacerbated by the reduction of the depth of the river bed caused by human activities including: chocking of the river pathway by the dumping city waste, illegal sand removal from the river, unplanned making of irrigation channels and general water level rise due to global warming. These combined factors affected the water reservoir capacity of the river, resulting in widespread flooding which caused severe suffering and disruption over a period of months.
A little boy from the affected village standing near to the storage dump where cultivated rice grain was stored for future use. The storage unit is about 6-7 feet high.
The villagers watching the dangerous current of water.
A poor woman removing her belongings from her destroyed bamboo house during the days of evacuation.
A little girl lost in thought while keeping an eye on the remaining belongings in front of her destroyed house.
A villager repairing his house.
A woman searching for her belongings.
A villager trying to remove the broken bamboo structure of his house which was made to hold up the roof . After removing the bamboo he was able to collect his cash box where he had stored his daily wages.
The villagers using a temporary bamboo bridge to escape the village.
A woman with her children leaving her house with a few belongings.
A man with his grandson crossing a flooded road with the help of a safety rope to guide them through the rapid current. 
A poor farmer who has lost his cultivated land and house due to the high level of flood water.
A makeshift camp for people and animals, created by rescue workers.
Temporary shelters being made.
Villagers searching for drinking water after their wells were submerged.
A villager using the flood water for his daily wash.
A mother, with her child, leaving the affected village by crossing the dangerous flooded area.
A makeshift camp made by rescue workers on the state highway.
Some of the villagers returning to the villages to protect the belongings left in their demolished houses.
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