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Feb 2016 back issue
by Lincoln Clarkes
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Heroines is an epic documentary of addicted women in Vancouver, Canada. In 1997, photographer Lincoln Clarkes turned his lens away from the world of fashion and began documenting the dire circumstances endured by the marginalized women living and working on the street. University of Western Ontario professor Kelly Wood writing in Philosophy of Photography states, "Heroines forced viewers and respondents to take sides in an uneasy ethical dialogue that does not acknowledge the series’ uncanny ability to perform against viewers’ expectations of certain visual categories and discusses how these expectations might preclude photography’s ability to enact or incite political change." The series includes more than 400 portraits of women in Vancouver's notorious Downtown Eastside. The photographs garnered extensive national and international media attention, which instigated immediate and profound impacts on the local community, social policies, and criminal investigations regarding missing women.
Heroines: A Photographic Obsession is an award winning one-hour documentary film produced for Bravo and the Women’s Television Network. The film “is a study in pain and intimacy, artistic expression fuelled by passion and moral outrage” accompanied by original poems written and narrated by Susan Musgrave. The documentary opened the Leipzig Documentary Film Festival and has been screened at several other festivals since its premiere in June of 2001.
Columbia Hotel, July 15, 1997.
Roosevelt Hotel, May 30, 1999.
Roosevelt Hotel, May 30, 1999.
Saint Paul's Hospital 1, December 1, 1999.
Washington Hotel alley, July 26, 2000.
Blue Eagle Cafe back door, February 22, 1998.
Chinatown alley, August 9, 1999.
West End, September 22, 2000.
 Saint Paul's Hospital 2, December 1, 1999.
Gospel Mission, August 2, 1998.
Brandiz Hotel alley, February 22, 1998.
Logger's Club back door, March 29, 1998.
Carnegie Centre, May 6, 2001.
Washington Hotel, April 26, 1998.
Oppenheimer Park, September 19, 1999.
Pigeon Park, November 21, 2000.
 Armstrong Funeral Chapel, August 13, 1999.
Columbia & Hastings, September 27, 1998.
Carrall Street, April 11, 1999.
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