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Feb 2016 back issue
Abandoned Places
by Henk Van Rensbergen 
“In the park it is pitch black. There is a quarter moon and the sky is partially illuminated by the city lights in the background. I use a tripod for my camera and leave the shutter open for several minutes, which for me is a kind of meditation. This gigantic construction of wood and steel with its unreal colours and wave-like shape looks fragile in the moonlight.” From an abandoned Six Flags park in New Orleans to a disused hydroelectric power station in the jungle to the north of Fukushima, Henk Van Rensbergen takes stunning photographs of abandoned buildings all over the world. He searches for and pinpoints the beauty of their desolation and the richness of their decay. The first Abandoned Places book was a success story, and the two that followed firmly cemented Van Rensbergen’s cult status. After more than 25 years of voyages of discovery through the world’s debris, it was time
for a photographer’s selection: the best of Abandoned Places 1, 2 and 3, supplemented by unpublished material.
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Church, Poland.
Hotel, Japan.
Lunatic Asylum, Italy.
New Orleans, USA.
Roller coaster, Japan.
Lunatic Asylum, Italy.
Factory, Italy.
Villa, Italy.
Villa, Italy.
Villa, Italy.
Theatre, Belgium.
Antwerp, Belgium.
Church, USA.
Cooling tower, Belgium.
Warship Cemetery, France.
Mine corridor, Romania.
Communist conference center, Bulgaria.
Ski resort, Japan.
Unknown building, Belgium.
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