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Feb 2016 back issue
Alpine Exposures
by Jonathan Griffith
Based in Chamonix, France, Jonathan has climbed the world over and established himself as one of the world’s leading mountain sports photographers. A highly accomplished Alpinist himself, Jonathan continues to push himself to shoot what has never been shot before. This approach has taken his climbing to a level that sees him regularly tie in with climbers such as Ueli Steck and embarking on cutting edge ascents to visually document expeditions in the Alps, Patagonia, Alaska and the Himalayas. It’s a method that puts authentic climbing at its heart: an increasingly rare but refreshing approach to adventure photography in a climate where style is valued more than substance.
Yoshiko Mayazaki heading back up to the Aiguille du Midi as a winter storm clears for sunset.
A rare high altitude ice crystal halo forms around the sun up at almost 7000m in the Himalayas.
Will Sim reaches the top of Cerro Piergiorgio in Patagonia as a storm blows in at our backs.
Andy Houseman high up on the serac of the Grand Gargouille at sunset. I've always wanted to shoot these seracs but perched on the edge of a massive cliff they are very rarely safe to appraoch even less so to climb.
Ueli Steck approaching the crux of the Supercouloir direct on Mont Blanc du Tacul.
Cerro Torre about to be englufed in a Patagonian storm.
Ally Swinton on the knife edge ridge of the Innominata with the Aiguille Blanche de Peuterey and the Aiguille Noire de Peuterey in the background. This has since become one of my most iconic images and the reason why I climbed this route in the first place.
Myself on the top pitch of Shiva Lingham (WI6). I've always wanted to climb but also photogrpah this icefall and so I decided to do both one day. Setting up a timer remote on a tripod I shot away whilst I got pumped out of my mind on this mythical Chamonix ice route.
Camp 2 and full moon on Mt Everest.
Exposed bivouac on the NW face of Link Sar (7041m) in Pakistan. K7 on the right.
Jamie Flynn wingsuiting in the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland.
Carlos Suarez and Yoshiko Mayazaki on the lower part of the Kuffner at sunrise, Mont Blanc du Tacul.
Tim Emmett climbing through the roof of a glacial ice cave in the snout of the Mer de Glace. A very odd picutre but there's no trickery involved! The blue glacial ice may be beautiful to look at but its bullet hard and incredibly tiring to climb on.
Will Sim creeps his way up to the summit of Mt Deborah in Alaska under howling winds.
Karakorum views, K6 in the distance.
Ben Briggs on the first exposed gendarme on the Diables arete, Mont Maudit.
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