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Feb 2017 back issue
Ahead with the Past Albania
by Jutta Benzenberg
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In Jutta Benzenberg’s latest book Ahead with the Past, her husband, Ardian Klosi, an important Albanian writer, describes Albania as a ship that must steer a course through an ocean of backward-looking currents before it can finally reach the European port of affluence and order. This ship features again on the cover of the book, except this time it is made of stone: cemented in forever, a nautical/terrestrial hybrid, torn between new awakening and resignation. With sensitivity and subtle humour, yet frequently ruthless, the photographer portrays the country and her own existence within it in a way that only someone who now calls the country their own can do. The book is the continuation of a project initiated twenty years ago with the Albanian author Ardian Klosi. In nine series Benzenberg narrates individual Albanian stories which together produce a touching portrait of a country. More info  
Adriatic See, Albania 2010. Copyright Jutta Benzenberg. © Jutta Benzenberg.
Boy Living in the mountains, Dukagjin Albania 2010. © Jutta Benzenberg.
Children living in Oilfields. Mallakastra, Albania. © Jutta Benzenberg.
Chrome Mine in Bullqize. © Jutta Benzenberg.
Congress Palace Tirana 2010. © Jutta Benzenberg.
Lost rooms. Dajti Hotel Tirana, Albania. © Jutta Benzenberg.
Lost Spaces, Pogradec Ohrid Lake. © Jutta Benzenberg.
Old socialistic building upgrated in North Albania 2010. © Jutta Benzenberg.
Shkodra, City in North Albania. © Jutta Benzenberg.
The ship in the field. Albania 2010. © Jutta Benzenberg.
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