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March 2019 back issue
Private RealityThe Diary of a Teenage Boy 1976-78
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
In 1976 aged nineteen while studying at Exeter College of Art I got my self a summer job on Weymouth seafront photographing holiday makers. I saw this as a wonderful opportunity to earn a living but at the same time doing a personal project showing the life of the sea side photographer. I’m now turning these photographs into a beautifully made hard back book. This will be in partnership with the excellent publishers Dewi Lewis. Its about youth culture and being a teenager in the 70’s. Existential angst was preoccupying my thoughts. It all came together through the lens as I was turning from a teenager into a young adult. As well as the holiday makers I was photographing local people from the town, my friends, family and into the evening with the disco bars fair grounds and caravan parks.  I was also experimenting with abstraction through the graphic nature of photography. I have been selected to show this work at the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate which opens in May 2019 Its curated by Val Williams and Karen Seperdson A quote
by Iain McKell
Iain McKell’s book is being published by Dewi Lewis Publishing using Kickstarter. The Kickstarter will be launched on 8th February 2019. To back Iain’s Kickstarter follow the link!
from Val Williams “The early black and white photographs express both desire and despair the sense of un-belonging  visceral but ironically he did belong to this place. Growing up in a British sea side hotel in a landscape of arrivals and departures of transient relationships  founded on elusive notions of pleasure and escape” It was my right of passage and coming of age as I started to look at the world through the camera.
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