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April 2015 issue
High Steppers
by Ian Forsyth
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The Horse Fair that takes place in the historic market town of Appleby in Cumbria, United Kingdom, is a traditional event where gypsies and travellers gather together each year. The event remains one of the largest and oldest events in Europe and gives the opportunity for travelling communities from all over the country and further afield to come together to meet old friends, celebrate their culture, music and folklore and to offer an opportunity to buy and sell horses. The fair attracts thousands of visitors each year and has existed under the protection of a charter granted by King James II in 1685.  It remains the most important event in the gypsy and traveller calendar. I spent some time there over the first couple of days this year.
Trevor Jones from the Wirral makes the brews for his family on the first day of the fair.
Knife sharpener.
Trevor sits on the steps of his bow top and has a morning brew.
Bow tops are lined up on the camp site in Appleby.
Tilly-Raine Barnes, 3, from Rosendale in Lancashire sits on the steps of her parents bow top with Pip the dog.
Brian Regent sells wrought iron pots and kettles on the campsite.
An Irish gypsy walks his horses and wagon to the campsite in Appleby.
Bow top and horses.
Two men ride a sall horse and trap trough the town.
Riding a horse and trap along what is called the ‘mad mile’ in Appleby.
Horses and traps are driven along the mad mile.
The River Eden in Appleby.