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The magazine of the art-form of the photo-essay “A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film & documentary maker
July 2014 issue
photographs by Guillermo Cervera words by Lola Garcia Ajofrin
“the destination for the black sheep of nice families”
A few days after I arrived in Ibiza, I found out that the film company Private was recording a porn movie on the island. So many things have happened here since the first "Ibizan bikini" portrayed by Catalonian photographer Oriol Maspons, who passed away last year at the age of eighty-four. One of the island's veterans, white hair, beard flowing and multi-colored necklaces once told me that "Ibiza was the destination for the black sheep of nice families."  Those were the 60s and 70s, when Spain was prudish, and hippies from all over found, in this island of white houses, coves and salt marshes, a place to enjoy free love and drugs. This was immortalized by director Barbet Schroeder in his opera prima More, a cult film for Pink Floyd followers. This group took care of the soundtrack. In some of Ibiza’s coves such as Atlantis or Punta Galera one can still find hippies - the originals and the new ones. Today in Ibiza the soundtrack is played by a DJ with tattooed elbows by the swimming pool of a luxury hotel. A blonde with false eyelashes, many earrings and nose rings, dances waving her arms. The go-go girls perform, with colored wigs and breasts only covered by necklaces that touche their nipples. Huge billboards advertising discos in every road on the island makes one aware that, since the 80s, Ibiza is the world capital of electronic music. It's noon. For some, who are just leaving an "after-hours" by the beach, the night is over. For others, a group of friends in a nudist cove, the day has just begun. A woman sunbathes as a group of scuba divers plunge into the sea, to each their own, in all these facets of Ibiza, so different to the photographs by Maspons.
Seagulls fly over a fishing boat. San Antonio Sports Port. Ibiza.
Pacha terrace. Pacha is one of the most popular Clubs in Ibiza.
Pacha terrace.
Bottle opener.
Woman gets ready for a bath at Cala Olivella.
Ushuaia Pool, one of the most popular clubs in Ibiza, they organize parties every evening around the pool of their hotels; two towers in front of the beach of Playa d'En Bossa.
Gogo Dancer at Soraya party, opening private party of Amnesia.
One of the grandsons of Pablo Picasso kisses his wife Ulli at a private party, Ibiza.
Lio, Pacha’s show club.
DJ with tattooed elbows.
Ushuaia Pool, one of the most popular clubs in Ibiza.  Pool party.
Enter at Space. Party.
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Pacha terrace. Pacha is one of the most popular clubs in Ibiza.
Soraya party, opening private party of Amnesia.
Flower Power Party at Pacha.
Space terrace, Ibiza.
Real estate dealer at a private party in Ibiza.
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