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Jan 2018 back issue
Kodak City
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by Catherine Leutenegger
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The Kodak headquarters were founded by George Eastman in Rochester, New York, in 1888. In its prime, Kodak employed thousands of people and turned Rochester into a wealthy town. After the digitalization of photography, the business declined. Catherine Leutenegger’s series, reveals what remains of Kodak as a business and the ways in which the decline of the company impacted the city of Rochester. It is a testimony that is both engaged and objective, covering a part of America’s industrial heritage that faces inevitable disappearance. It is also a way of paying homage to the father of modern photography, George Eastman (1854 -1932) in his hometown, which he transformed into the cradle of the world’s collective memory for the entire 20th century.
Kodak World Headquarters Building, 2007.
382, 380, State Street, Rochester 2007.
Traffic Lights, West Ridge Road, 2012.
Bus station, State Street, 2012.
Parking lot, Kodak Park, 2012.
EI Film & Digital Systems Lab Building, Kodak Park, 2012.
Kodak Communication Group Building, Reception, 2007.
Kodak World Headquarters, Reception, 2007.
Kodak Film Manufacture, coating & process control room 1, Kodak Park, 2007.
Kodak Hawkeye Bldg, Kodak 1971 vintage brand logo, St. Paul Street, 2012.
Empty Parking lot, Kodak Park, 2007.
Escalator, Building 28, Kodak Park, 2012.
Kodak Camera Club, Building 28, Kodak Park, 2012.
Employees Dining hall, Building 28, Kodak Park, 2012.
Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre, Eastman School of Music, 2012.
The George Eastman House & Garden, 2012.
The George Eastman House, Conservatory, 2012.
The George Eastman House, Portrait of George Eastman, 2012.