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July 2016 back issue
A World in Distress
by Weinert Brothers
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A World in Distress is a documentary photography and charity project that deals with the issue of poverty in a global context. With exemplary anecdotes and photo essays from Burkina Faso, Nepal and Haiti, photographers Dennis and Patrick Weinert (born '92/'94) show the various facets of extreme poverty and shed light on the practical implications of the development aid system and advancing globalization. After completing their studies in 2012, Dennis and Patrick began producing commercial and documentary media projects with their startup company 'Weinert Brothers', but subsequently shifted their focus to documentary photography and filmmaking in 2014, after witnessing child labour, poverty and crime in the Philippines' capital Manila during a trip in late 2013.
A child sits in the entryway of her parent's mud-walled house in a rural village in Haiti. Due to the harsh living circumstances and the lack of education, many parents give their children to middle-class families in the cities, where they often have to live in slave-like conditions, as is the case with some of the girl's siblings. (2014)
A woman and her child sit inside a tent in an IDP camp in Cité Soleil. During the daytime temperatures inside the tents can rise above 40°C, Haiti. (2014)
A man sits in a wheelchair in an IDP camp in Cité Soleil. Even years after the earthquake of 2010, many displaced people still have to live in improvised tent cities, Haiti. (2014)
Brazilian peacekeepers patrol one of Port-au-Prince's most notorious slum areas called Cité Soleil, Haiti. (2014)
A mother is holding her eldest child in her arms, while she cries for her youngest who died the night before, Haiti. (2014)
A mother and her child are standing outside, while a group of men from the village help to construct her and her husband's house, Nepal. (2014)
A man visits a funeral in a rural mountain village in Nepal's Himalaya region. (2014)
A woman herds a goat in a rural mountain village in Nepal's Himalaya region. (2014)
A man stands in front of his makeshift house in Manila's Ulingan slum area, Philippines. (2013)
A group of children is playing a card game, while they take a break from the tedious work in the Ulingan charcoal factory, Philippines. (2013)
A boy accompanies his father to a local cattle market in Oursi in northern Burkina Faso. (2014)
Disabled street vendor Ibrahim visits a friend in the suburbs of Ouagadougou after a long day of work in the city centre, Burkina Faso. (2014)
A group of women washes their clothes and pans for gold in a mining compound near Bouda in Burkina Faso. (2014)
The wealthy owner of a mine shaft visits his workers at Bouda's artisanal mining compound, Burkina Faso. (2014)
A young boy sells little plastic bags filled with drinking water in a gold mine near Bouda in Burkina Faso. (2014)
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