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July 2016 back issue
Brick Kiln Kolkata 2016
by Akash Ganguly
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Clay Foundation: Where workers take out soft and wet clay from the ground by digging. Cows and Buffaloes help in the process. 
Clay Transfer: Men and children transfer the freshly dug clay to the place where it is shaped.
Shaping of Clay: A woman shapes the clay into the form of bricks.
Relaying: Shaped bricks are then transferred to the kiln by women workers.
Towards the Kiln: The kiln is an underground chamber where the bricks are heated up, baked and dried.
Deformed Bricks: The bricks that are not perfectly shaped or are too weak to withstand the temperature inside the kiln are set aside and later used for other purposes.
Working Women: Women work hard along with their husbands to transfer the soft bricks towards the kiln. It takes more than hundred rounds per woman to transfer their lot of bricks.
The Kiln: The area is located in the suburbs of Kolkata. All dust and heat.
Watching Out: Kids are assigned the role of security. They watch out for the bricks that are kept under the sun.
Kid Poses: Kids are very friendly. They love a camera. Whenever I asked them to smile, they did it elegantly.
Chimney: A manual brick kiln causes more pollution than a factory. This is because in a manual kiln, rough materials like tyres, plastic, coal etc are used to burn and bake the bricks.
Output: A kid with the final product. Happy with what they have made.
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