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July 2016 back issue
Sea Hunter Dorset, England Part I
by Damian Bird
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Mark Cornwell and his single crew member, fish within a nature reserve, as part of a small, close-knit fishing community in the heavily protected environment that is the Jurassic Coast. His job is primal. He hunts daily for meat to support his family. He and a handful of other fishing vessels fish in a controlled and ecologically sustainable manner. He is one of a handful of independent trawlermen who catch their daily fish and sell it straight to the local fish market on the quay. But despite the seemingly halcyon surroundings, sea-fishing is still an undeniably, extremely dangerous job. Fishermen have to keep their wits about them. More lives are lost at sea in the fishing industry than in any other profession in the UK. The trawler regularly gets stuck on the sea bed and the rear of the boat can be dragged under the water by snagged obstacles.  During our 12 hour trip, the boat caught a large dead tree in its nets. Although no-one was hurt, it took several hours to disentangle and nets had to be re-sewn. Trawlermen accept that they will regularly lose all of their gear due to snagging. With Mark’s fishing vessel worth in the region of £100,000, uncertain fuel costs and the ever present risk of losing time and equipment, the hunter-gatherer’s stakes are high.
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