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July 2017 back issue
My Mind is Racing
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
by Jory Hull
This series explores an outsider’s view of the primitive, fascinating elegance of racing vehicles from a bygone era. The idea was to portray these hardworking machines as strange and colorful tools, in contrast to the idealised, glossy objects appearing so often in most automotive photography. Taken over the course of a decade, these pictures capture the surfaces and inner workings of these objects at rest, revealing the unusual details of these instruments of competition, often abstracting their details into almost pure graphic compositions The quiet beauty of these machines at rest leads one to imagine the sights and sounds of them at full fury.
Untitled ( nosecone ) 2009.
Number 58 2009.
Challenger (#77) 2004.
Untitled (Right Front) 2009.
Ginetta (#11) 2009.
Untitled (Shell) 2009.
Number 13 (Corvette) 2012.
Number 27 (Corvette) 2009.
Hoosier 2009.
Corvette (#55) 2009.
British Racing Green 2009.
G.T. 350 2004.
Kill Switch 2009.
Fuel Filler 2010.
Untitled (Cockpit) 2011.
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