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July 2017 back issue
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
by Ursula Sprecher & Andi Cortellini
In their HobbyBuddies series, Ursula Sprecher and Andi Cortellini have staged complex group portraits of people who gather regularly to engage common interests. The subjects come from all walks of life, age groups, ethnicities, and religions. Regardless of what they call themselves –associations, clubs, cliques or leagues–the common thread among them is a commitment and passion for their shared pursuits. Through extensive research and planning, these portraits were scheduled and produced at specific locations, with backgrounds and props built and arranged to best feature members of each group. The number of subjects, their clothing, the props, the accessories –nothing was left to chance; a meticulous procedure that was instrumental in creating these unusual, intriguing, perplexing and humorous images, that refer to the traditional forms of 19th Century group photography –with their ornate and complex arrangements. HobbyBuddies is the continuance of a classic form of group portraiture within the context of our 21st Century visual lexicon; a collection of contemporary documents of people engaging in leisurely pursuits.
Astronomical Association.
B*D*S*M* Regulars‘ Table.
Butchers’ Friends Society.
Camping and Caravanning Club.
Children's Chess.
Dintefisch Diving Club.
Film Club.
Flag thrower.
General Reading Society.
Kite Club.
Majorette & Show Dance Troupe.
Merriment Pipe-Smokers’ Club.
Municipal Fire Brigade.
Pigeon Fanciers’ Club.
Poodle Club.
Rubinia DJanes.
Santa Claus Group.
Soapbox Club.
St. Brandan Scout Section.
Tamil Association
Vintage Aircraft Club.
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