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July 2019 back issue
 Everything is always so perfect when you are in it
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
The book  Everything is always so perfect when you are in it brings together several of Anja Conrad’s recent series and emphasizes the common aspects of these highly varied works. These include especially recurring processes, everyday perceptions and actions. The unimportant becomes a singular experience, the insignificant significant. Most of the images are created in an urban environment; they are, however, not street photography but rather images that have been carefully composed. Published by Kehrer Verlag
by Anja Conrad
Palm Trees #15428, Tenerife, 2012 © Anja Conrad
Car #17088, Memphis, 2012 © Anja Conrad
Parasol #23283, Tenerife, 2013 © Anja Conrad
Wallpaper #17311, Memphis, 20© Anja Conrad
Lips #4054, New York, 2010 © Anja Conrad
Hedge #0445, Oberursel, 20156 © Anja Conrad
Rope Barrier #4550, New York, 2018 © Anja Conrad
Cloud #9689, Frankfurt, 2011 © Anja Conrad
Car #3557, Chicago, 2017 © Anja Conrad
Still Life #0542, Oberursel, 2018 © Anja Conrad
Pinwheel #9285, Frankfurt, 2010© Anja Conrad
Still life #F1625, Oberursel, 2018 © Anja Conrad
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