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LAURA EL-TANTAWY To commission Laura or to request prints of her work: ADAM ELLIOT To commission Adam or to request prints of his work: ED ARAQUEL To commission Ed or to request prints of his work: DARLYNE MURAWSKI To commission Darlyne or to request prints of her work: HIROKO MASUIKE   To commission Hiroko or to request prints of her work:
Robb Kendrick is a photographer whose work appears regularly in National Geographic. His true passion has become wet plate photography, a historic photo technique used during the mid-19th century. The tintype photos made with the wet-plate process are each one of a kind as they are all handmade from start to finish. One recent wet plate project documents the working cowboy in 14 Western States, Mexico and Canada.The photos are collected in a the book Still: Cowboys at the Start of the 21st Century. Another recent book from Cloverleaf Press is titled Changelings, a collection of Mexican mummies photographed on tintypes, with forward by Thomas Lynch. Kendrick's first book of tintypes was Revealing Character, which is also a touring exhibition that is being featured at eight major museums in the U.S. Born in Dorset England, McKell studied graphic design at Exeter College of Art 1974-79 before moving to London in 1980 where he now works in fashion, advertising and social documentary. During the 80s, McKell photographed a completely unknown Madonna for her first magazine cover. She went to number one in the British charts the following week.He spent four years 1995-8 directing commercials and winning awards but returned to photography in 1999 to concentrate on personal work.  During this time he IAIN MCKELL To commission Iain or to request prints of his work: made a short film documentary about the underground Rave scene called Quest and directed pop videos.  For the last 6 years, McKell has run Photo Salons from his studio in west London co-hosted by photographer Alice Hawkins and curator  Flora Fairbairn and at the same time, Salons at the Whitechapel Gallery and the Serpentine gallery.McKell published his first book in 2004 entitled Fashion Forever, documenting British and American youth movements from Hip Hop to Trance Jungle parties.  He has most recently shot a fashion story with Kate Moss, and horse-drawn travellers in Somerset England for V magazine.Contributions to: Italian Vogue, luomo Vogue, Cassa Vogue, English Vogue, French Vogue, Dutch fashion magazine Zoo, Tank, Italian Flair, New York V magazine, The Face, i-D, Vice, The Observer, Sunday Times, Independent, New York WSJ, The Telegraph, British GQ, and 125 magazine. Features on Books Saturday Times, The Sunday Times, The New York Times Hot Shoe, BJP, Professional Photo and many more.  Commissions Levis, Wranglers, JigSaw, Max&co, Red Stripe, Vladivar, Tia Maria, Mercedes Heineken, Kit Kat, Carlsburg. McKell lives in London with his daughter. Michael Biach is an Austrian photojournalist beginner who has traveled numerous countries for more than decade before he started to document his experiences with a camera two years ago.  Since then his major photographic interest lies in documenting social issues, human rights activities and working conditions. “I am fascinated in documenting other people’s lives, their living and working conditions, simple moments of everyday life. I always treat people with respect, try to never bother them or photograph them out of a voyeuristic view. If you are respectful, if you first get in touch with people and try to talk to them, to understand them, before you grab your camera and do your photographs, then your images will be honest. I always try to improve my ability in empathy, so I am sure my pictures will get more authentic.” MICHAEL BIACH To commission Michael or to request prints of his work: Michael lives and works in Vienna, Austria. He is continuously trying to evolve his skills as a freelance photojournalist and is always interested in making his work available to a broader audience. If you want to contact him please email: Laura El-Tantawy is an Egyptian photographer living between Cairo and London. She is represented by Vii Mentor. She was born in Worcestershire, England to Egyptian parents & grew up between Saudi Arabia & Egypt. In 2002, El-Tantawy started her career as a newspaper photographer with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel & Sarasota Herald- Tribune (USA). In 2006, she became freelance so she could focus on pursuing personal projects. In 2008, she was nominated & accepted as one of 15 young photographers from around the world to participate in Reflexions Masterclass, a two-year photography seminar directed by renowned Italian photographer Giogia Fiorio and French curator Gabriel Bauret. In 2010, she was awarded a six-month fellowship at the University of Oxford (UK) to write about freedom of expression in Egypt and the role played by Internet blogging and independent newspapers in pushing the boundaries of free speech in Egypt. In 2005 she started work on her first book exploring the identity and change facing her native Egypt. Her work has been published & exhibited in the United States, Europe, Asia & the Middle East and she has been recognized across several international awards. She is the founder of, a project started in 2009 documenting the epidemic of farmer suicides in rural India. El-Tantawy is a graduate of the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia (USA) with a dual degree journalism and political science. Adam Elliot (born 2 January 1972 in Berwick, Victoria, Australia) is an independent stop- motion animation writer and director based in Melbourne, Australia. His five films have collectively participated in over six-hundred film festivals and have received over one hundred awards, including an Oscar for Harvie Krumpet[2] and the Annecy Cristal for Mary and Max. Elliot calls himself an auteur filmmaker and each of his films have a bittersweet nature to them. Based loosely on his family and friends, Elliot calls each of his works a Clayography – clay animated biography. Utilising a large team of animators and modelmakers each film takes several years to complete. He is noted for his use of traditional 'in-camera' techniques, which means every prop set and character is a 'real' miniature handcrafted object. Elliot does not use digital additions or computer generated imagery to enhance his visual aesthetic. His company, Adam Elliot Pictures, produce the films and Elliot’s work practices adhere to the French auteur methodology. Each film has been voiced by notable actors including, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Toni Collette, Geoffrey Rush, Eric Bana, William McInnes and Barry Humphries. Elliot is also a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and in 1999 was awarded The Young Achiever of the Year for Victoria. FINDLAY KEMBER To commission Findlay or to request prints of his work: Born in 1967 in Oakham, England with a childhood in West Africa, Findlay Kember first picked up a camera at the age of 21.  Working as a freelancer for national and international publications in Britain including The Times, Daily and Sunday Telegraph and The Associated Press since 1992 he covered a wide variety of news and sports assignments: national elections, Presidential and Royal tours, Northern Ireland situation, and sports assignments including golf, rugby union and premiership football. Self assignments took him to countries such as Senegal, Malaysia, Cambodia and Indonesia. Based in the Indian capital of New Delhi since 2001 still as a freelancer, he covered news and feature assignments in South Asia  for many publications such as fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Sri Lankan civil war,  Gujarat riots in India and the second  Gulf War. Since 2003 staff member for Agence France-Presse as photo-editor co-ordinating coverage across the South Asian region from New Delhi and undertaking global assignments including sporting and political events such as APEC, World Cup Football, Grand Slam tennis and Olympics. 'New new Delhi' was exhibited at The Indian International Centre in New Delhi in April 2011.  Eduardo Araquel is a gallery and unit stills photographer living and working in Vancouver. Eduardo was born in Baguio City, Philippines and has a degree in Engineering Physics. He has worked in various capacities for several large corporations including Canadian Pacific, NCR, AT&T and the Mayo Clinic before becoming a professional photographer in 2004. His fascination for photography began at an early age when he won a 35mm film camera while still in grade school. This fascination has now grown into a full-time job where he now shoots with everything from a Cambo SC 8x10 camera to a lowly iPhone 4S. Darlyne Murawski is a versatile nature photographer and writer with years of experience as a research biologist working with tropical plants and butterflies. Since 1993, her articles have appeared in in National Geographic Magazine and many international publications, children's magazines and calendars. She has traveled the world to showcase the lives and ecology of small critters - including butterflies, moths, fungi, parasites, spider webs, marine worms, horseshoe crabs, mollusks, and glass-shelled diatoms. Her goal of motivating a younger audience to explore the world of nature around them has led her to write and photograph five highly acclaimed children's books: The World of Reptiles (from the Ranger Rick Science Spectacular series); Bug Faces, Spiders and Their Webs, Face to    Face with Caterpillars (National Geographic Society); and Animal Faces (Sterling Publishing Co, NY). Her newest children's book, Face to Face with Butterflies (National Geographic), is now available. Darlyne also does author's visits to schools with her nature programs and leads photographic workshops for children and adults, including professional photographers. She has been honored with the prestigious Award of Excellence (2001) from Communications Arts and by the Alfred Eisenstaedt Award Committee for her nature photography (1998, 1999). Darlyne Murawski holds a doctoral degree in Biology from the University of Texas and a Masters of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has worked and published as a research biologist (University of Georgia, U. Massachusetts, and Harvard University) and has taught courses in biology and nature photography. Currently she devotes most of her time to  photography and writing. Her home is in Arlington, Massachusetts. Hiroko Masuike contributes photographs on a daily basis to The New York Times where she works as a staff photo producer (online photo editor) in New York. Raised in Tokyo, Japan, Hiroko moved to the U.S. in 1998 to become a photojournalist. She joined The New York Times in 2003 after working for Newsweek magazine in New York and Agence France-Presse in Washington, DC, as a photo editor / freelance photographer. She received the "Best in Show Award" in 2011 from The New York Press Photographers Association, and the Women in Photojournalism Award in 2008. Her photographs have also been published by Getty Images, Associated Press, AFP, Time magazine, Washington Post, Asahi Shimbun etc. Back to current issue