21st Century Cowboy by Robb Kendrick Over the passed few years, Robb Kendrick has documented the lives of the modern-day working cowboy.  His project has taken him through 14 US states, Mexico and Canada. But like the hard working men that he captures, Kendrick does not come by his images as easily as he might with a 21st century digital camera.    For Kendrick favours a historic type of photography used during the mid 19th century, known as Tintype.  His tintype photos, made with the wet-plate process, are each one-of-a-kind as they are all painstakingly handmade from start to finish using a complicated array of old-fashioned chemicals and equipment. The results are uniquely beautiful, ghostly images which evoke a nostalgia from a bygone era. Hunter & Pate Meinzer, Texas cowpunchers who work on the Tongue River Ranch, Texas. Jimmy vanBelle & Clint Damewood gather horses in the round pen for morning work.  ZX Ranch, Oregon. Tyrell Tucker, cowboy at Babbitt Ranch, Arizona. Faithe & Merlin Rupp, Oregon Buckaroo with handmade leather reata in hand that Merlin braided. Jake Prince, Toby Foote, Tim Mertzweiller, Wes Foot, Kyle Stone cowpunchers on the ORO Ranch in Nevada stand outside the mess tent for a portrait. Bret Reeder, Reeder Ranch, Utah with waxed moustache. Chet Bartlett,  a young buckaroo on the Rhoads Ranch in Nevada. Kyle Stone, cowpuncher at the ORO Ranch in Arizona shows off his bat wing chaps outside the mess tent during spring roundup. Mike McCormick, buckaroo at the Douglas Lake Ranch, rests against cattle pens during fall roundup.  British Columbia, Canada. Jodi, Wes and Myla Miner buckaroos at Snowline Ranch Montana. Cooper Adams, cowboy with his dog Ruby horseback at the XI Ranch, Kansas. Brandon Muncy, cowpuncher outside the mess tent at the ORO Ranch, Arizona. Jim Dacus, cowpuncher, Dacus Livestock Company, Texas. JA Trio: Rhett Cauble, Buck McClain, RD Horn, cowpunchers JA Ranch, Texas. Tom Bowerman, cowpuncher, XI Ranch, Texas. Travis Castell, cowboy TC Outfit, South Dakota. Steve Eytcheson, cowpuncher JA Ranch, Texas. Colter Schlosser, buckaroo, Gang Ranch, BC, Canada. These photos are a selection from the book: Still: Cowboys at the Start of the 21st Century. Tintypes by Robb Kendrick Book available from all good book-sellers and books and original prints are available direct from Robb Kendrick. www.robbkendrick.com For UK book sales: Amazon
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