JULY 2013 BACK ISSUE My work is nearly always based around stories - the individual image being part of a greater narrative.   The photographs here, although each is part of a bigger essay, I feel has its own 'short' story within it, and when isolated from the story, can still stand alone to tell their own tale. Young Senegalese boys hanging out on the edge of River Gambia wearing 'face paint' for fun. A female migrant worker from Mali pulls up fishing pots from River Gambia, near the Gambian village of Fatoto. The son of Bakary Dabo, the Alkalo (village chief) of Diagabu Tenda, The Gambia wearing a 'fur' coat on a cool morning. Young boys wrestling in a traditional Gambian style in the riverside village of Karantaba. Karantaba was where Scottish explorer, Mungo Park, set out from for two of his epic journeys in search of the Niger river over 200 years ago. Men from the Fula tribe swim their horses across River Gambia next to a local ferry at the village of Karantaba where the famous Scottish explorer, Mungo Park set off for two of his journeys 200 years ago in search of the Niger river. A young boy from a Senegalese migrant fishing family lays his nets before heading to a local Koranic school for study in the  Gambian river town of Kuntuar. A watchman relaxes on a floating jetty near the small Gambian village of Bonto. Bonto became infamous in 2009 when a two tonne cocaine stash, with a street value of $1bn, was discovered in a riverside warehouse a few hundred meters from the jetty. The street value of the haul far exceeded Gambia's $782 million annual GDP in 2009. A young boy plays 'dress-up' with a Madi Gras style masque in the village of Mandinari, a populous settlement on a 'bolon' (tributary) off the River Gambia. Arrival by Northern Alliance helicopter to the Panjshir valley from Tajikistan. Young Gambian boys being held in seclusion of being circumcised. Ismaila Badja with his horse Jumpex, The Gambia. A local ferry on River Gambia coming into dock at the village of Kuntaur, The Gambia. A young girl with a painted face at a female circumcision ceremony in The Gambia. Ousman Kujabi a boy from the Jola tribe, wearing sequins on his face for a 'coming of age ceremony' in The Gambia. Kids escaping an incoming storm at Playa Trinidad, Cuba, walk passed stiff toys for sale on the beach.
A Indian man walking through the holy town of Pushkar early in the morning. Mexican farmer, Enrique Canulo Canché, with his grandson returning from their farm where much of the land has become unusable due to desertification in the Yucatan state of Mexico. Jason Florio Print Sales here. Back to current issue