JULY 2013 BACK ISSUE by Naomi Harris I got into the photography thing late in life. In university I studied printmaking and decided to take a photography class so if I couldn't find an existing image to use in my prints I could take my own. That summer I went to Europe and loved how the camera helped me feel comfortable to stop and talk to perfect strangers in the guise of taking their photograph and I never looked back. I guess I'm a pretty snoopy individual.  I've been shooting professionally since 2000 but always work on my own personal projects as well. In fact that's why I work for editorial clients, to be able to afford working on my own self-motivated work. Initially I worked in a purely documentary sense but I'd say I'm an up and up portraitist now though I'm trying to find my reportage roots again. When I began shooting in colour I never looked back: I love a sunny day with blue skies and white puffy clouds, throw some strobes in there and you have my favourite shooting formula. Here's a few of my favourites from over the years both from assignments and my own personal work. Bailey-Jay Granger.  2012 and 2011 AVN Transsexual Performer of the Year, Los Angeles. Sikh Motorcycle Club in Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia.  March 2012 Hit-to-Pass Races, Penticton, British Columbia.  June 2011 Bill Ikola, Thunder Bay, Ontario.  July 2011 Valida, a Bosnian DJ.  The Standard Hotel Pool, Los Angeles.  Shot for "California Dreaming" Project. Gun Totting Mum. "Mariella de la Cruz" Argentinian Vixen, Buenos Aires, Argentina,  Shot for Marie Claire UK. Gene Wilder, Comedian, Actor, and Writer.  At home in Connecticut.  Shot for London Observer. Albert Hoffman, 100 year old Inventor of LSD with wife of 71 Years, Anita.  Basel, Switzerland. Tommy the Hip-Hop Clown, Los Angeles.  Shot for London Telegraph Magazine. Joan Rivers, Comedienne and Grand Dame.  New York.  Shot for Heeb Magazine. John Currin, Painter.  New York.  Shot for London Independent. Madeline.  Haddon Hall Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida 1999. Marie and Sonja by the pool.  Haddon Hall Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida 2000. Michael Jackson fan at the Trial.  Santa Maria, CA. Norwood Young, Star of Bravo's "High Maintenance 90210", Los Angeles, CA.  Shot for Marie Claire UK.
Nick Kroll, Actor.  New York.  Shot for Mass Appeal. Tony Little.  Fitness Guru.  Tampa, Florida,  Shot for Details Magazine. Back to current issue