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June 2016 issue
Peace Signs
by Edward Barber
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26 May – 4 September 2016 IWM London  Free Admission
“I see this as preventative photography. The photographs here are both a celebration and a warning.”  Edward Barber, Photographer Peace Signs, an exhibition at the Imperial War Museum over the next few months, is an exhibition of more than 40 photographs that explore the anti-nuclear protest movement in 1980s Britain.   The images are a unique social document of mass popular protest in late twentieth century Britain which has rarely been seen in public since it was first published in 1984.
© Edward Barber Labour Party “Nuclear Arms No – Peace Yes’  rally in Hyde Park, London (1980).
© Edward Barber CND rally, Hyde Park, London (1981).
© Edward Barber A protester from the Women’s Peace Camp at RAF/USAF Greenham  Common after keening in Parliament Square, Westminster, London (1982).
© Edward Barber A picket mounted by the Women’s Peace Camp at RAF/USAF Greenham Common, Berkshire (1982).
© Edward Barber Greenham Common protesters stage a Die-in outside the Stock Exchange during the morning rush hour as U.S. President Reagan arrives in Britain, City of London (1982).
© Edward Barber ‘Embrace the Base’:  30,000 women link hands, completely surrounding  the nine mile perimeter fence at RAF/USAF Greenham Common,  Berkshire (1982).
© Edward Barber A young protester joins a CND rally after the ‘Peace Chain’ event staged outside the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, Aldermaston, Berkshire (1983).
© Edward Barber ‘Stop the City’ protester at the Bank of England,  City of London (1983).
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