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June 2016 issue
Water As a Landscape Architect
by Bernhard Edmaier
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Water, like no other natural element, leaves its indelible mark on the surface of the earth. Fluid, frozen to ice or gaseous as steam it forms and shapes landscape anew everywhere in the world. Without water no valley or canyon, no mountain top, delta or flood flat, no island, shore or coast would exist, not even dunes in the desert. Even sand is a product of water – streaming water and creeping glacier ice sand down the rocks. The wind accumulates the sand to dunes. Water circulating deep in the earth’s crust can provoke volcanic eruptions. The climate change will influence the water’s distribution all over the world and thereby alter many regions. Deserts will spread but also shrink. Permafrost soil in Arctic regions will thaw, the most glaciers in the mountains will retreat as well as the ice masses at the poles. The sea level will increase globally and change the coast lines.
The photo book shows water – the most important resource and source of all life on earth – from its so far little explored side, namely the most important landscape-forming power on our planet.
Alligator River, Australia.
Awash River, Ethiopia.
Baa Atoll, Maldives.
Bering Glacier, Alaska.
Breaking sea ice, Arctic.
Exuma Cays, Bahamas.
Frozen lake, Switzerland.
Grand Prismatic Spring, USA.
Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska.
Retreating glacier, Switzerland.
River Tagliamento, Italy.
River Thjorsa, Iceland.
River Tollense, Germany.
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Submarine sand dunes, Bahamas.
Thawing permafrost soil, Sibiria
Viedma Glacier, Argentina.