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June 2016 issue
Rural Moments
by Rui Pires
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This documentary was made in some of the old communitarian villages in centre and north of Portugal. The first photographs were taken in Covas do Monte in late 2007, a little rural village in centre of Portugal near Viseu city, and later, in other small rural villages in the centre and north of Portugal: Gerês, Pitões das Júnias, Montalegre, Mourilhe, Covas do Rio, Negrões and many others. Rural Moments started at the end of 2007 and finished during 2013. The project currently comprises 4200 pictures. Now I´m working on Rural Moments – Second Generation about the few young people that still work in rural Portugal.
João, Maria and their special goat. For this couple, this goat is like family or a pet.
João coming home from work.
Antonio is sad. Maria Piqueirinha just passed away four days ago.
Maria recalling some stories about Maria Piqueirinha.
Jeronimo went to the mountains every day with his cows and his faithful dog. He now lives in a nursing home.
Lurdes and cows working on her farm. She has no money to buy diesel for machinery, so she uses cows to help her.
Antonia takes her sheep to the mountain every day. While the sheep feed, she does sewing for her neighbors.
Maria remembers the good old times, when she was young.
João resting after a hard day’s work.
Maria preparing to feed the goats.
Maria feeding a baby goat. The goat´s mother was eaten by wolf.
Maria taking all her goats to mountains.
Maria climbing the mountain with her goats.
Teresa having spent all day working. The weather is not a problem.
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Francisco was a deaf-mute. He went to the mountains daily, searching for his cows, even though his nephews sold his herd without him knowing. Francisco spent many days in the mountains, but never found his lost herd.
Ana prepares the bread.