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June 2016 issue
by Nazik Armenakyan
The Stamp  of Loneliness
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2010-2014 I didn’t know much about LGBT community in Yerevan and didn’t know what would happen after photographing this subject, when in 2010 I decided to document their lives.  The stamp of loneliness  is about cross dressers and transgender women who were engaged in sex work — the most vulnerable and at-risk group in Armenia. The subjects in my photographs are predominantly gay youth who have been cast out from society, who cannot find another job because of their appearance and sexual orientation. Making their acquaintances and listening to their personal stories, I understand that many of them have had a difficult childhood: they were sexually assaulted at a young age, grew up in orphanages or lived in socially insecure situations.
Kara, 20. When her parents and older brother found out what she does, they shut her in the basement. They fed her boiled potatoes and water... for one year.
Kara shaving before applying makeup.
Lorena preparing for work. Lorena left a theatre school because she didn’t have the money to pay for it and because at the institute she felt that she was different.
Layma in wedding dress. She thinks that being transgender in Armenia is like putting a stamp of loneliness on yourself.
Vika lives with other transgender women in an apartment in Yerevan. She has been working as a sex worker for years, but her family doesn’t know what she does.
Beyonce in the bathroom.
Lorena grew up in an orphanage. She was sexually abused as a child. She’s been working in the sex trade for six years.
Layma and Beyonce during a home party.
Kara in the street.
Lorena at the park. She wanted to be an actor once.
A trans party in one of the nightclubs in Yerevan.
Maga was sexually abused as a child. He tried to change his life but couldn’t change his identity.
A trans party in one of the nightclubs in Yerevan.
Lorena at a strip club. Sometimes Lorena performs at the strip club with female dancers.
Lorena at the strip club.
Kara changes her clothes at night in the street before going home.