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June 2017 back issue
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Dolce Via
by Charles H. Traub
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Dolce Via brings an American aesthetic to the delights of the streets and byways of Italy. This volume is the first comprehensive compendium of Charles H. Traub’s vivid, color photographs made in early 1980s, from Milan to Marsala. Characteristic of his imagery is a candid intimacy that combines humor and spontaneity, which makes us long for an Italy that maybe only once was. Brilliant blues, reds, and yellows engulf the baroque posturing and gestures of strangers and ordinary people who become fond archetypical caricatures. Traub’s friend and guide, the late photographer Luigi Ghirri, said of the imagery, “You see our foibles, strip us bare, make love through the camera, and then venerate us.”
Amalfi, 1982.
Capri, 1982.
Rome, 1982.
Rome, 1981.
Rome, 1982.
Cosenza, 1981.
Milan, 1981.
Naples, 1982.
Naples, 1981.
Naples, 1982.
Osita, 1982.
Reggio Emlia, 1983.
Rome 1983.
Rome, 1982.