The magazine of the photo-essay
June 2018 issue
Empty Days
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
by Paddy Summerfield
I just wanted to show what it is to be human, and try to understand something about the  world and ourselves. I guess it's about trying to understand something before we die. I don't show you much in each picture. Each photo is not so layered, it's more an absence. It's the cumulative effect which leaves you with something more, maybe a greater sense of loss. So on I go, searching with life's losers; together we are lost. On and on, walking alongside them. There is human suffering, heartache and disappointment but, in the distance, hope. This is what I believe.
Man shouting  
Young man with hands to his face
I am a documentary photographer, photographing the street, people of the street, people on the street, and I weave these pictures into a personal story. I am a story-teller.
Man with scar
Back view of nearly nude woman 
My work shows human suffering and tragic lives. I want to say you are not alone, we are all in this together. Look out for hope.
Microphone on shabby stage
This is my road trip on foot, in places I know (images above and below)
Torn pub seat
This is a place I know, it could be anywhere, a place we have all seen before.
Appalling toilet
Fallen doll
Everyone at some point of their lives has love taken away (images above and below)
Tearful woman 
Woman in door way
Child's shoe on stairs
Every artist finds things to say, interprets the world.
Girl sunbathing on coast – lying in cruciform shape
Robert Frank said: Art saves the world. Imagination is all we need.
Head portrait of psychotic man
Gilded crucifix 
The visual arts have taught me to understand the world.
Picasso said: I put everything I like into my pictures.That is also true of me.
The wave
I wanted to show it's not the narcissistic selfie that will save us but the love for the world outside us.
Woman photographing sky
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