JUNE 2013 BACK ISSUE by Kate Kirkwood These photographs were taken in the Lake District in the north of England. They were all found moments, and nearly all were captured in and around the farm where I'm based. It was a wonderfully alien land of coldness and deep historical continuities when I first settled here from the hot and fevered volatility of the South Africa I grew up in. The long, angled distance from the equator, the defined seasons, the wetness of the air and changeability of the sky and the way the light is because of these, as well as the insularity of the culture and lives lived between stone walls and sunless slopes, slowly beguiled me, and I found that the path to becoming connected to the place was through my lens. It has been my place of instruction, where I have grown to see. Towards Blackcombe Fell from Foxfield farm, 2007. Towards Woodland fells, January 2009. Car lights, moor road, dusk, midwinter 2009. Saddle space, January 2008. Treefold with flock, November 2007. Sheep, salt lick, with curleque branch, 2009. Torque: a bluetit on feeder. Two black hens on a winter hilltop. Green swathe, Whicham, August 2009. Tail flick; Cow and the leaning sister trees. Cow grazing on dewy grass, early morning. Cow’s back and two trees, 2008. Two lambs in the woods, Spring 2010. Through iced panes, Lake District. One broken pane, woodshed.
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