JUNE 2013 BACK ISSUE by Damian Bird
Jockeys and horses parading in the paddock for the spectators as the betting takes place Rilly gets her horse ready Jockeys weighing in Stewards waiting to weigh in the jockeys. In the paddock, prior to the race Bets being discussed Horses being sized up Horse, jockey and trainer Owner and handler Betters pondering the odds Taking bets Aquaintances on the racing circuit, catching up When the race begins, the field glasses come out On the home straight Tractor-trailer serving as an observation platform The last hurdle Winner’s cup A dear old friend, Rilly Goschen, very kindly agreed to show me the inner workings of the point-to-point horse racing world. Rilly is a jockey and horse trainer of 25 years and after hearing about her passion for horses and racing I eagerly awaited my opportunity as a documentary photographer to take a look for myself. These photographs were shot during an afternoon spent in Somerset, immersed in the intoxicating environment of the quintessentially English point-to-point racing scene.  What struck me the most was the intensity of adoration and reverence that the owners, trainers and riders have for their animals. The horses are quite literally like children to those that care for them and the betting and conversations that electrify the event are all part of the strong tribal culture that exists within this equine world. Jockey following a fall Back to current issue