JUNE 2013 BACK ISSUE The Royal Navy photographic branch has given 93 years continuous service to the Royal Navy, reflecting the diversity of the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines operating above, on and beneath the sea and on the land - from the icy chill of the arctic to the blistering heat of the Gulf and most recently the hostile environs of Afghanistan. The relevance of imagery in today’s Royal Navy has never been greater. International terrorism, globally and at home, has raised substantially the need for quality timely intelligence and the Photographic Specialism plays a role supporting this area. The Royal Navy photographers and their photographs also support Media Operations. World events are relayed to the global popultion in near real-time and it is therefore vital that the Navy has the capability to demonstrate to the world, that the Royal Navy has the ability to defend, deter and defeat, Protecting Britain’s interests worldwide. This year an exhibition of photographs from the Royal Navy’s Peregrine Trophy competition will be open to the public at the Royal College of Art, London from the 12th to 19th July 2013.  Here are some of the entrants. Reconnaissance Squadron (SRS) conducting a low level parachute jump from a RAF Hercules aircraft. The Commandos were part of a forward insertion team and jumped from 800 Feet on to Braid Fell in Scotland as part of Exercise Joint Warrior 13/1.  Photographer Petty Officer Photographer Sean Clee The image might look threatening – a submarine’s dark form trailing a British warship at sunset. But for a sailor and submariner it was a happy meeting thousands of miles from home.  Able Seaman Chris Johnson from HMS Daring joined his dad Chief Petty Officer Simon Johnson on the submarine HMS Triumph.  Photograph by Leading Photographer Keith Morgan Members of Lima Company (L COY) Fire Support Group (FSG) supressing enemy targets while the main group of L COY conduct a Company attack on enemy positions. The FSG were deployed on a ridge overlooking the battlefield. Photograph by Leading Photographer Jason Ballard HMS Edinburgh turns an almost perfect circle in the north Caribbean. The venerable ship is the last of the famous class of Type 42 destroyers and is due to leave service later this year, after taking part in the Battle of Atlantic commemorations. The turning circle, irreverently known by sailors as a ‘maritime doughnut’ is used to test both engines at full speed turning right and left. Photograph by Leading Photographer Dan Rosenbaum Task Force Group Photex Photex of the entire task force which has taken part in Op Olympics. With the exception of RFA Mounts Bay Over 90 vessels gathered for the group. The Vessels included HMS Bulwark, the centre of Maritime security for the Olympic Games in Weymouth and Portland, UK Border Agency, civilian LOCOG, Police RIBs, jet skis, Royal Marine (RM) Offshore Raiding Crafts, RM Landing Craft Utility, Sea Cadet training ships, Liberty Lass, Royal Navy RIBs, P2000s and an 814 Squadron Merlin helicopter. Photograph by Leading Photographer Joel Rouse HMS Bulwark The Royal Marine Band from the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines March around Different departments within the Commando Training Centre with collection buckets to raise money for Comic Relief.  The Band march around the Camp while stopping at different departments to play many tunes including a full demonstration of Gangnam. Photograph by Leading Photographer Emily Nolan The Olympic Flame was delivered to the Tower of London by two Royal Navy Sea King Mk 4 helicopters from the Commando Helicopter Force at Yeovilton. The first of the two helicopters was manoeuvred into a 35ft hover to allow four Royal Marines to dramatically fast-rope down to Tower Wharf. Once the first aircraft had flown clear and the target landing spot marked by the four marines, the second Sea King was brought into place above the wharf at a height of 180ft and Marine Martyn Williams abseiled down to the marked area with the torch firmly strapped to his chest. Photograph by Petty Officer Photographer Julian Merrill Members of HM Armed Forces mustered in the grounds of Windsor Park to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Over five Thousand men and women paraded through the streets of Old Windsor and Windsor Castle before mustering in the arena. Photograph by Chief Petty Officer Photographer Nathan Dua Even though the Black Duke’s crew are thousands of miles away from their loved ones, the opportunity to send home a token of their affections is an important act. To this end a Ship’s Valentines Card was organised and taken on the flight deck on a busy operational day. Photograph by Leading Photographer Will Haigh A continuation shoot onboard HMS Monmouth in preparation for ongoing operations. Members of the Royal Marine and Royal Navy boarding teams keep up to date with live firing of small arms from the flight deck of HMS Monmouth. Photogarph by Leading Photographer Ben Shread As the sun goes down over the Indian Ocean, HMS Northumberland’s Merlin sends more than 100 flares cascading through the sky.  In the middle of her counter-piracy and counter-drugs work, the Devonport-based frigate’s helicopter tested one of the many tricks in her box – her flares. Photograph by Leading Photographer Maxine Davies The Image was taken from a Merlin for 814 Squadron as HMS ILLUSTRIOUS into Valletta, Malta to begin a 5 day informal visit by the Response Force Task group (RFTG) in order to conduct Wider Regional Engagement. This visit offers the opportunity for an operational Stand-Down for the RFTG and ILLUSTRIOUS will take the opportunity to re-establish the very important links with her Maltese Affiliations. Photograph by Leading Photographer Dean Nixon
Royal Navy on Facebook and Twitter HMS Illustrious makes a pit stop.  23rd February 2013, HMS Illustrious visited Loch Striven. Loch Striven is an Oil Fuel Depot in Argyll, Scotland. The ship called in to take on fuel as well as fresh food and some stores items. Only alongside for 4 hours, the ship soon made her way back out to sea where she continues to support maritime aviation training.  Photograph by Petty Officer Ray Jones Back to current issue