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Mar 2014 back issue
Boxing Cuba
by Joanna Nottebrock
The Gymnasio de Boxeo is a school in Havana.  It is also a place of hope where young boys can emulate their role models and idols; boxers such as Yuriorkis Gamboa, who won Olympic gold in 2004 and found fame and fortune in the world of international boxing. Joanna Nottebrock photographed the children and their trainers in Old Havana. At the time of her visit ,the training was particularly intense. The boys spent all their time in the boxing ring preparing for a talent scout who was due to visit the Gymnasio de Boxeo.  All the boys hope to be discovered.  They are serious and they are proud and they dream of changing their lives and those of their families.
Leonardo Morales (14 years old). • has seven siblings, his mother is dead • is in the secundaria, favorite subject physics • trains 5 times a week • food: moros y cristianos, steak • father runs a small pizzeria business • his idol: the boxer Gamboa • wants to go to state-run sports school EIDE • hobbies: football, computer games
Luis Puentes (11 years old) • has a brother ( Edgar, 5 years old) • lives with his brother and mother in central Havana • his father is who knows where • favorite subject : spanish • hobby: baseball
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