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The magazine of the art-form of the photo-essay “A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film & documentary maker
Mar 2014 back issue
Betina La Plante Portraits
Betina La Plante’s black-and-white portraits are a great collection of photos that celebrate the uniqueness of each person. Every portrait has an emotional landscape that gives us a glimpse of the life story of the person in the picture.
Then and now. Terence Stamp. California USA 2012.
Alan Parker.
Dan Clarke, London UK 2013.
Duilio Marzio, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013.
Francisco Bullrich, Punta del Este, Uruguay 2011.
Self, California, USA 2009.
Herbert Kretzmer, London, UK 2009.
Mark Powell, London, UK 2013.
Scott Frederick Bailey, Oregon, USA 2013.
Stephanie Thomas, California USA 2013.
Terence Stamp, California USA 2009.
Tess, California USA 2012.
Terence Stamp, California USA 2011.
Finnegan, California, USA 2010.
Gino Hollander, California, USA 2009.
Jack, California, USA 2010.
Jayna Cavendish, London, UK 2013.
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Peter Mayle, London, UK 2009.
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