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May 2016 back issue
Dog Fight Armenia
by Anahit Hayrapetyan
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Dog fighting was popular in Armenia during the Russian Occupation (Armenia was annexed by Bolshevik Russia in 1922) and has recently made a come back. Gampr dogs, traditionally used in Armenia for herding and as watchdogs, are especially bred for fighting.  They are large and fearless and are known for their ferocity. Photographer Anahit Hayrapetyan documents the disturbing return of the brutal pursuit of dog fighting.
In the football stadium of Ashtarak city, dog fights take place. 2007, Ashtarak, Armenia.
Gampr Arjuk watches his dog friends fighting. 2007, Ashtarak, Armenia.
Dogfights have more fans and are more popular than football matches. 2007, Ashtarak, Armenia.
A man showing his 3 month old Gampr to his friends. 2007, Hoktemberyan, Armenia.
Dog and owner waiting for their turn to fight.
Championship fight. 2013.
Eye of fighting Gampr. 2008.
There are clear rules for fighting dogs: if a dog doesn't want to continue, the owners stop the fight. 2013, Armenia.
Dog fighting is a male world.
Fighting dogs, 2008, Armenia.
Championship of Armenian dog fights. 2013.
Lyov (on the left) is one of the most famous Gamprs in Armenia. 2008, Gyumri, Armenia.
2008, Gyumri, Armenia.
The loser after the dog fighting in Zovuni. Dec, 2007, Zovuni, Armenia.
People gathered to watch at dog fights. Zovuni, Armenia.
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