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May 2016 back issue
by Willem Wernsen
Behind the Great Wall
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In 1999 I made a 5-week journey to China.  I travelled across that vast country, from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, to Shanghai, to Beijing, all by train as a backpacker.  I had the opportunity, not only to visit those giant metropoles, but also to see the smaller cities and villages surrounding them. Travelling through China was an experience. What shocked and touched me most were the living and working conditions of the people.  But in spite of their vulnerability, they showed themselves to me and allowed me to photograph them. I owe them my deepest respect for that. The book Behind the Great Wall has become my very personal report on my journey.
Busy streets in Guangzhou.
Beijing. Streetworkers taking a break.
Beijing railway station.
Outdoor barber shop in Beijing.
Shanghai, newspaper seller.
Guangzhou. Waiting at a telephone booth.
Shanghai. Old monk at the Jaden Buddha Temple.
Shanghai. Ceremony in a Buddhist Temple.
Shanghai. Burning incense sticks at the Temple.
Hutongs (narrow streets or alleyways) in Beijing.
Kengzi, near Shenzhen. Demolition of old houses to make space for the expantion of a factory.
Kengzi. People have to leave their old houses as new concrete houses are built around the factory site.
Self constructed houses of corrugated roofing material built around the factory site. The only luxury is a garden where mainly cabbages are grown.
The factory kitchen where the meals for the workers are prepared.
Lunchtime at the factory. Factory workers queueing up for a simple meal.
Area at the factory premises where the dishes are cleaned and where the factory workers wash their clothes.
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