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May 2017 back issue
Bisket Jatra
by Apratim Saha
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Apratim Saha went to Kathmandu to document Bisket Jatra - one of the most vibrant and joyous festivals in the ancient city of Bhaktapur.
Early morning puja at Durbar Square.
Boys pulling chariot.
Pulling the Linga at Pottery Square.
A young kid holding his knife after an animal sacrifice during the festival.
Pulling a chariot. Bhaktapur.
Worshiping Lord Shiva. Bhaktapur.
An animal sacrifice.
Mashal Jatra. Thimi.
An old woman during the festival.
Mashal Jatra at midnight. Thimi.
Pulling a chariot.
A young kid taking rest under a chariot after an animal sacrifice.
A family performing Mashal Yatra. Thimi.
Dancing during the festival.
Mashal Jatra at midnight. Thimi.
Carrying a small chariot. Thimi.
Counting the reward money after the sacrifice.
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