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Nov 2013 back issue
Dartmoor England
by Damian Bird
Dartmoor National Park is a heavily protected area of moorland in Southern England.  It covers 954 square kilometres and is best known for its rugged, exposed landscape which is home to Dartmoor ponies, sheep and cattle which roam freely over the plains. Dartmoor is capped by numerous granite rock formations, known as Tors.  At each peak, Tors have been exposed over time by the often harsh weather conditions that batter the area.  The landscape is also peppered with farms, hamlets and small towns.  A notorious men's prison is located in one of the largest settlements on the moors at Princetown.  Dartmoor Prison's huge granite walls dominate this part of the moors which only adds a further macabre twist to the intoxicating atmosphere of Dartmoor.
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