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Nov 2013 back issue
The Human Side of War
by Bryan Adams
When talking to the men and women here about what enabled them to endure their ordeals, many would say quite humbly that it was the camaraderie with their comrades in the field or their thoughts of home that got them through. There is a trust between soldiers that is undeniable and during combat the combination of mental strength and endless hours of training helped them survive, but ultimately their lives were in the hands of the soldier next to them-they knew they would be looked after if or when the time came. Some of these photographs were originally exhibited in Düsseldorf, Germany, in 2013 at the NRW forum, and what was striking at the opening was that, even though the gallery was full of people, no one was talking, there was hardly a whisper. Perhaps it was because we always hear about the atrocities of war, but we hardly ever see the physical damage. I think it's important to consider the human side of war-that was the reason for making this book. What occurred to me whilst taking these photographs were the untold stories from all sides of the conflicts-the soldiers and the civilians caught in the crossfire who lost their lives whom we will never know about. It wasn't possible to cover all their stories, but the British veterans represented here are indicative of a large group of people in the world who were injured as a result of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I'm grateful to everyone who participated in making this book, especially to the journalist Caroline Froggatt, whose initial contact inspired the project. These photographs give us a small glimpse of the injuries we inflict upon ourselves when we decide to take arms against each other. The wounds go deep, but what can't be shown here are the emotional scars, and for many the battle begins at home, readjusting to a new way of life. Once the dust settles on the plains and deserts of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the spin and propaganda of governments and politicians has become a distant echo, all that is left are the wounded-the legacy of war.
Hannah Campbell.
Joe Townsend.
Karl Hinett.
Mark Ormrod.
Mark Sutcliffe.
Rick Clement.
Rory MacKenzie.
Simon Brown.
Will Dixon.
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