The best thing I have learned about being an artist is the fact that you are the most interesting thing about yourself. We are all just trying to tell a story after all, and the more honest and personal we are the stronger we connect with an audience. My photographs are all about how I see the world, the incredible experiences I am exposed to and the parts of those experiences I think are worth recording or strike me as beautiful or provocative or weird. I have shot with various cameras and phones over the years but now I put them all through an app that makes them square and saturates the colours, like a Polaroid. I like the ease of ultra-modern devices to take the pictures but I prefer to look at them through the gauze of a yesteryear aesthetic. I don't like things too clean, too sharp, too HD. My life is a colourful blur, and so I think it only appropriate that the pictures I take embody that too. Lustrous Pinnacle:  I shot this in Julius' bar in the West Village of NYC. It was the day after Liz Taylor had died and everyone was talking about her. Sweet Liza:  This picture at Liza's birthday party… just begged to be taken. Jet Lag: I had Jet Lag on a cruise across the Atlantic and wondered around the ship at 4:00am.  It felt like the Marie Celeste. Marrakech:  I took this picture the day after I narrowly escaped death by an Al Quida bombing. Grant:  This is a picture of my husband. This photo captures what it felt like when he entered my life, in a blaze of blinding sparkles like the angel he is. In Sammy Jo's Loo:  This was my first exposure to the concept of back crack. Kitten: This was taken back stage during the run of the three penny opera on Broadway, that I did with Cyndi Lauper. Glenn Closes' Back: I took this on the Red Carpet at the Tony's because I could not get over how ripped her back was…I think she may be a robot. 22nd Street: This is one of my favourite not quite still lifes. Secrets and Lies: Sometimes photographs tell a story even when the don’t mean to. These are two of my best friends and on the day this was taken they could not have been happier.
The Night My Father Died: This is a self portrait. I was drunk and sad. But weirdly elated. Edie: I love Edie and I love how delicately she is knocking back the Tequila in the shit shot that I took backstage at Broadway Bares - an annual night of charitable debauchery. Twister: I go to clubs for research and artist reasons only. That's all….not. Knees: Sometimes pictures look much naughtier than they are. This was the most innocent of evenings out. OCTOBER 2012 BACK ISSUE Back to current issue