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Oct 2014 back issue
Africa Portfolio
by Laurent Baheux
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These photographs are part of the Africa Portfolio by Laurent Baheux. The photographer develops his favourite subject, wildlife, exclusively in black and white because, “Africa is rich in colours, but for me it is a land of light and contrast.” He presents photos which emphasize attitudes, animals with almost human looks. He makes it his exclusive mission to capture the beauty of a world on borrowed time and is hugely inspired by masters of photography like Peter Beard. Laurent’s work is displayed in leading photo galleries around the world.
Magic horn, Kenya 2013.
Exodus of elephants, Kenya 2013.
Dust explosion, Kenya 2013.
Elephant crossing the river, Botswana.
Giraffe in the bush, Kenya 2013.
Hide-and-seek, Kenya 2013.
Hyena, Tanzania 2007.
Leopard, South Africa 2008.
Lion in the grass, Kenya 2013.
Need of tenderness, Kenya 2013.
Reticulated giraffe shattered, Kenya 2013.
Two cheetahs, Masai Mara, Kenya 2006.
Lion in the wind IV, Kenya 2013.
Lion, Masai Mara, Kenya, 2006.
Caravan, Kenya 2013.
Zebras, Tanzania 2007.
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