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Oct back 2016 issue
by Ted Grant
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Doctor’s Work The Legacy of Sir William Osler
This is a photographic tribute to the man who changed the practice of medicine. A little over 100 years ago, becoming a doctor was dangerously easy. Admission requirements for training were low and the MD was automatically given after the second term, regardless of the student's academic performance. Teaching was by lecture alone, and a student could graduate without ever seeing a patient. William Osler (1849-1919) worked tirelessly to change medical schools from trade schools into intellectually demanding academic institutions. He founded the Department of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University and later became a professor emeritus of medicine at Oxford University. He revolutionized medical schools and redefined the physician-patient relationship. A biographical profile of Osler is followed by photographs of physicians, nurses and medical technicians at work, capturing the compassion and dedication of front-line healthcare professionals. Ted Grant's outstanding reputation as a photojournalist and commercial photographer spans a career of 60 plus years. He has covered major news and sports events, political campaigns and his books range from cowboys
Night rounds.
of the west to the international medical scene in his Doctor's Work. The Legacy of Sir William Osler. A Master piece book. “This new book of Ted Grant's is inspiring - it doesn't sit on the shelf next to my other photography books by Eisenstaedt, Eugene Smith, Robert Capa and David Douglas Duncan - where it deserves a place of honour. Instead, I leave it out in prominent view where I see it every morning. Ted's years of dedication in recording the various details in the lives of medical professionals and the hours of perfecting every black and white print that went into this book serves as my daily motivation to emulate this truly professional photographer.” Denis Paquin, AP Photo Editor Chicago
Two nurses and surgeon.
Hands and instruments.
Dr. Brien Benoit examines X-ray.
7am birthing. Sasha & Dr Piers.
Hand and scalpel.
Counting suchers on hand.
Med student giving needle.
OR over-all instruments.
Dr Dutton and V8 juice container.
Two scrub nurses prepping.
Surgeon hands and scissors.
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