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Oct back 2016 issue
The Oxford Pictures 1968 - 1978
by Paddy Summerfield
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“I was young and uncertain and found a way to show this. These photographs reflect my inner world, as well as being a document of Oxford student life. I felt like an outsider, and lonely, that there was always something going on, parties and drinking, but elsewhere. Often, I sensed a loneliness in the students I photographed. We were all lonely together. “When you are young, you are trying to find your feet and I guess this was also true for the students I was photographing, but the troubles of youth are rarely the troubles of later life. I often wonder where these people are now, and what became of them....” Paddy Summerfield In The Oxford Pictures 1968 – 1978 Summerfield challenges any sentimental preconceptions of undergraduates in idyllic settings. The central focus is not on the known architectural splendours, but on youth, caught in the transient summer seasons, experiencing heartbreak and self-discovery. Summerfield shows them against the backdrop of this city of medieval stone, capturing melancholy and self-doubt. He started this
work when he was twenty and in 1976 Sir Nicholas Serota invited him to exhibit the essay at The Museum of Modern Art, Oxford.
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