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Oct back 2016 issue
War Landscapes
by Alfredo Macchi
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War Landscapes is a photo project based on an exhibition and a photobook of about 100 black and white images taken over fifteen years in major conflict areas of the world. They range from the ruins of Kabul in 2001 to the gutted houses of southern Lebanon in 2006, the ghost town of Libya during the revolt in 2011 to the refugee camps in South Sudan and Iraq in recent days. I took a lot of photos of despair, screaming and pain but for this book I chose images of landscapes, places marked by the destruction and the effects of war. Battlefields, skeletons of tanks, walls, fortresses and military posts, in the almost complete absence of the human figure, to reflect not on a particular conflict but on all wars.
Some people say that the great civilizations have become such by war. It is not true. War does not build, it destroys everything. It destroys the lives of men, their homes, their monuments, their cities. And it destroys nature, landscapes and beauty. The great nations have developed because of culture, peaceful coexistence, and the foresight of those who governed them. War has always been a step back in history.
Kabul, Afghanistan, 2001.
Kabul, Afghanistan, 2001.
Kabul, Royal Palace, Afghanistan, 2002.
Kabul, Afghanistan, 2002.
South Lebanon, 2006.
Misrata, Libya, 2011.
Sirte, Libya, 2011.
Sirte, Libya, 2011.
Sirte, Libya, 2011.
Sirte, Libya, 2011.
West Bank, the wall, 2004.
West Bank, 2004.
Herat province, Afghanistan, 2008.
Kabul, Afghanistan, 2002.
Battlefield near Kabul, Afghanistan, 2001.
Road from Jalalabad to Kabul, Afghanistan, 2001.
Refugees at Morini, Albania Kossovo border, 1999.
Panshir Valley, Afghanistan, 2001.
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